10 Things Needed In Hotel Room

Travelers have a memory based list of things they expect in a hotel room, globe-trotters frequently request rooms that include a minimum of must-have luxuries they feel are vital to making any hotel room and extension of your home-away-from-home.

1. A comfortable bed is a basic requirement and if it is dressed up with extravagant linen such as Egyptian sheet in relaxing colours, draped over a firm, inviting mattress a good night's rest is almost guaranteed.

2. It is often more challenging to fall asleep in a hotel room and for this reason satellite TV could be the answer, with a screen viewable from anywhere in the room allowing you to watch movies or your favourite program or simply catch up on the latest news.

3. Travelling for business requires Wi-Fi internet access allowing continuing of online work without the need to leave the room to access internet connection at an internet café. Hotel stay for pleasure is also more convenient via Wi-Fi allowing you to stay connected via social networks and to share photos with family/friends or to find out more about local events.

4. Hot beverages such as coffee or tea and other refreshments often are available in bar fridges to provide a more at home feel, and can be enjoyed without using room services more often than you like.

5. A desk is a must for several reasons and allows guests a comfortable place to work or get ready for a night out.

6. Laundry services are important if you're hotel stay is to attend a special occasion such as a wedding, reunion or a business meeting, although even an iron and ironing board could make sure you feel and look great.

7. What makes or break a hotel room is the bathroom facilities since nothing is nicer than a clean bathroom offering fresh thick towels.

8. Plenty of storage is required for travellers who plan to stay for a couple of days as well as a safe for valuable belongings.

9. The hotel you stay in needs to be welcoming, relaxing and offer a feeling of comfort.

10. Hotel décor plays a big part and its best to ensure that the room is decorated in colours you enjoy while the mood of the room is enhanced by high-quality paintings and other decorative trimmings.

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